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GAME7 AUGUST UPDATE - Please read for the latest program info

 Game 7 Sports 
"Play Hard....Practice Smart"

WOW, what a great summer it has been at Game7.  Most of our camps have been filled to capacity and we are currently at St. Agnes in Rockville Centre. 

Our staff has been the best in the Tri-State Area. Just last week our staff consisted of players from Texas Southern University, North Carolina Central , Iona, Alcorn State, Scranton University, St. Johns, Farmingdale State University,New Paltz University, Dowling College, Molloy College, Navy and yes, we even allowed 2 of our female staff members to work at our all boys camp at St. Agnes. (LOL) We made an exception for Dara Taylor (McDonalds All American,Penn State Point Guard) and Arial Edwards (Christ the King,Penn State Forward). Both of these young ladies have signed contracts to play professionally in Europe. But they will be here August 18th to coach at the #1 Girls Camp in the Tri State Area in Rockville Centre.  
See the ladies in action during last week's Game7 staff game as Kyle Hunt, OJ Henderson, Jordan Parks and others throw some down during the campers lunch break. To see them in action, click the link below.
Game 7 St. Agnes Staff Game
Game 7 St. Agnes Staff Game
Our most competitive and intense week begins Monday 8/4 for the boys as Tamar Adams returns to direct the camp.For a look at Coach T's ball handling drills with 5th graders click the link below:
Ball handling Workout with
Ball handling Workout with

 Coach Von Essen and Coach Tamar will also be having a Boot Camp at the end of August. Click here for info. (program is not for beginners.) This will be a very special 4 days of training and a great way to improve. Please don't call us 2 days before your Winter Tryout "looking for confidence". Your skills and your confidence need to be developed in the summer. More on Confidence click here.

Thank you.
GAME7 Basketball

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Basketball Training and Rookie Leagues

 Kinetic Energy...Maximize your potential

6 Week Speed & Agility Clinic 
Boys & Girls (3rd-12th grade)

Athletes of all sports will train to become more explosive, quicker, improve change of direction, coordination, power, become more agile, and more.

Players will receive an exercise log sheet as a homework assignment throughout the 6 week training program that is meant to compliment their training on Sundays.


Saturday October 19th, 2013
Boys & Girls (2nd & 3rd grade) 

Training Video

Monday October 14th, 2013
Boys & Girls (Kindergarten-8th) 

Training Video


Begins in November
Boys & Girls    

Begins October 27th, 2013

Boys & Girls (3rd-12th)    

Game 7 Basketball 
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Boot Camp

boot camp logo  
Game 7 Sports
"Play Hard....Practice Smart"

Attention Players: Do you need more confidence on the court? Please don't call us next Fall.
If you are looking to work hard, make sacrifices and improve then join us at Boot Camp next week. Don't join unless you are "all in". I hope to get a chance to work with you.  Below is a short note from our Boot Camp Director
Sincerely, Chad Williams (Game 7 Instructor)

Every October our Game 7 office receives numerous calls from parents who would like to get some basketball training for their son or daughter. They usually say "try outs for the high school basketball team are next week and we want little Johnny to work on his skills so that he has confidence going into try outs". These are the toughest phone calls because the previous statement makes no sense and many players do not understand why it's a ridiculous statement. Let us explain.
Playing at the high school level is very special. Let's look at the typical town in any metropolitan area. At the local high school there are about 1200 students in the school. That means there are about 300 kids per grade. It's safe to say that just about everyone joins the local basketball league in 4th grade so there are about 150 boys in your town playing in the fourth grade. By the time you try out for your high school team the coach is usually looking for 10 or 11 players and he will be choosing from freshman thru seniors. You do the math. Very few players will get to play in high school. It's difficult. It requires a lot of work, a huge sacrifice of time and a lot of energy, passion and effort. Why do so many people think that confidence is something you can purchase or get from someone else? It does not come in a liquid or a pill. It doesn't come in a bottle. You cannot buy it. Get real folks!  Confidence is something that is intangible. You must sacrifice for it in your preparation. Making your varsity team is like preparing for the SAT or ACT. You cannot cram for the test. It's impossible. You must gradually acquire the skills needed to perform well over the course of many years. It cannot be done in a day or a week.
A peak performer will have confidence when they have prepared themselves and they are ready to give their maximum effort. If you practice enough it will produce success, that success will breed confidence and confidence will make you a believer that you can continuously improve.
Don't confuse confidence with your self-image. You should always be cultivating a positive self-image. Winners in any field see themselves as successful long before success actually happens because they had a positive self-image. 
Practice, practice, practice - that's what builds confidence. Ray Allen from the Boston Celtics is a great example of a player with extreme confidence. His confidence is 100% pure.
But he has earned that confidence.

"A basketball player" plays basketball all year round. Many of them play other sports but they do not ignore the training requirements needed during the off season to become great players. They do not sacrifice their basketball training when they are playing another sport. They still find ways to get their shooting workout in. They complete their ball handling drills late at night or early in the morning. They get to the park, rec center or gym on the weekends. They study the game, watch the game and discuss it with other knowledgeable people.
Basketball players don't play to get in shape - they get in shape to play basketball. They train and set goals. They jump rope; they do their pushups, sit ups, and core exercises. They dream about being a hero and hitting that last second shot. They shoot 350 free throws a week. They try to run 2 miles in 12 minutes. They sacrifice going out with their friends, going to the movies, hanging out and partying in order to train and improve their game. Sometimes they play when they don't feel like it. They often train when they don't feel like it. Basketball players do not want to be like "everyone else". They want to be a little different. They want to be on the court and not in the stands during their senior year in high school. Only 5 players will be on the court in your senior year. Will you be one of them????

Marc Von Essen
Coach Game 7 Basketball

For more information and to download the registration form - pleaseclick here.

Game 7

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Boot Camp

boot camp logo

 winter 2013 RVC 

At the Game 7 Basketball Boot Camp we are concerned about giving quality teaching to players who are serious about the game. Intense instruction each day by the best coaching staff in the Metro NY area who know the game inside out. Our expert staff will drill the players in the physical and mental fundamentals of basketball. 
This is not a camp to pick up a t-shirt, take a picture with a pro and win an award during a contest– this is a serious camp for serious players. No Frills. Just Skills! 

Our staff will the best from each and every player - there is no try - there is only “DO”. We will strengthen a player’s physical and mental game by focusing on building the new skills they need to gain the confidence necessary to succeed on and off the court. We teach them how to practice with a purpose. Players should be prepared to work hard, watch video, take notes and practice on their own. This program is not for everyone. It’s geared towards the serious player. 

Enrollment is limited. This camp is for those players and parents who want serious instruction in the sport of basketball. Players will work directly with Marc Von Essen (Game 7 Founder) and other coaches including Kris Cabrera (Beyond Fitness) Jason Fraser (Villanova Basketball) and Chad Williams (Game 7) 


ROCKVILLE CENTRE: C.A.T.S. Gym 188 Maple Ave , RVC, NY 11570
Sunday Evenings 6 weeks Begins January 13th 2013 
Grades 3-4 5:00-6:15pm Grades 5-6 6:15-7:30pm Grades 7-8th 7:30-8:45pm 
Cost $135 
-All Boot Camps are 75 minutes long. You will only last 60 minutes. 
-Players must bring 2 basketballs, a jump rope and tennis ball 
Email us at for additional information 

GAME 7  BOOT CAMP REGISTRATION IS GOING ON NOW!! - Rockville Centre location

Game 7

Friday, October 19, 2012

Speed & Agility, Rookie Leagues and more!

Kinetic Energy...Maximize your potential

6 week clinic
3rd-12th grade (Begins Sunday November 11th)
- Become more explosive      - Develop quicker first step     - Become more agile
- Better balance & control         -  Improve change of direction, speed & lateral movement

Training incorporates plyometrics, agility drills, resistance training, and speed drills.

Click here to view a few training drills   
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Last call for registration for the Rockville Centre league. Please register by October 25th.
Click on league location for more information

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